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Cloud computing is nothing new, but some new technology that’s been getting a lot of buzz lately has people talking about it more than ever. People don’t understand how powerful cloud computing truly is and how much it’s going to change the way we use the internet and computers in general.

If you aren’t familiar with cloud computing take a look at the picture below and let me give you a quick explanation:
cloud computing Cloud Computing Will Rule The World...

Imagine all of your files being in one centralized location that you can access from any computer in the world with internet access. Your spreadsheets, documents, pictures, pdfs, EVERYTHING. You never have to carry around a laptop, or even a flash drive if you don’t want to. If you need to grab a file or work on something at a friends house, public library, or even at an internet cafe you just grab it off of your cloud and start working.

This is already a mainstream practice people take advantage of daily but this is barely scraping the surface of what cloud computing is capable of. A lot of companies are gravitating toward turning their applications into web apps that can be used by anyone and anywhere (with internet access). It doesn’t matter what operating system you have, how much hard drive space is on your computer, or even how new your computer is. Microsoft is working on turning the Microsoft Office Suite into a web app allowing you to work on spreadsheets, documents, etc. from anywhere with a web browser and internet connection. Any software-related business that doesn’t jump on this trend is going to be hurting in a few years once the technology is less expensive to develop for smaller companies and it starts snowballing. Within 5-6 years (at most) installing applications on your computer will be a thing of the past that is rarely done because it won’t be necessary.

Just imagine being able to open your web browser and do ANYTHING you can imagine without downloading/installing software or dealing with compatibility issues.

Ok, I’m done rambling about the awesomeness of cloud computing. If you’re interested in trying it out I highly recommend Dropbox which provides cloud computing at it’s finest – the best part is that it’s free!

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  • Hi Tom,
    i think i gained a lot of info about cloud computing after reading your blog thanks mate keep up the good work…..Cheers..

  • Tom, about the time that you wrote this, I became a cloud advocate. The position you are putting forth here was scorned until just recently. Now, it seems everyone is jumping on the cloud/SaaS bandwagon.

    By the way, your affiliate link is broken.

  • Hey Jason,

    Thanks for your comment! I know what you mean – people have been criticizing cloud computing for a long time as a “real” business solution. But, as far as technology has come almost any type of software you might need has a cloud equivalent (that’s usually more affordable) from project management to word processing to picture/video editing. They could only resist for so long, now they have to embrace it. :)

    P.S. thanks for telling me about the link – I’ve been meaning to change it to dropbox for awhile (better quality + free)

  • Very convenient.
    Very controlling.
    Except when there is no access to the internet.

  • Michael,

    That is an excellent point but one that seems to be less of a problem as time passes. I’m very rarely in an area that I cannot get internet access if I really need it. WiFi hotspot penetration & access have become standard in places like restaurants, coffee shops, airports, and just about every type of business you would find yourself frequenting. I could see this being more of an issue if you plan on exploring less developed areas of the world so that is absolutely a consideration for cloud computing.

    Thanks for your comment!

  • hey, i have got a very good knowledge about cloud computing. but i have a doubt that, actually “cloud” mean to what? is it any space reserved or any database or something else? the data stored in cloud occupies some place. but where? please reply. thank you.

    • Hi Swato,

      Depending on who you ask, the ‘cloud’ can be any server in a location that can be accessed from anywhere.

  • tom the picture which u given makes every one clear their doubts…………….

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