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How To Get Dirt Cheap Clicks On The Second Biggest Social Network In The World


Yeah yeah, I know Facebook is the new hotness, and I know you think you need to be a pro Facebook advertiser to make some real money from social networking sites. You don’t. There’s a huge opportunity right now to do well if you:

  • Are an affiliate
  • Own a product
  • Have a website/service or just SOMETHING to advertise

I’m talking about one of the opportunities people will talk about in a few years and say things like:

“what the hell was I doing?”

“I wish it was still that easy.”

“I can’t believe you could get clicks that cheap.”

and so on.

With Facebook continuing to not only dominate the social networking space but the INTERNET in general, other popular social networks are starting to BLEED. This presents a HUGE opportunity in paid advertising.

MySpace Ads or “My Ads” has undergone some monumental changes in the last few months. I was spending a lot of my advertising budget on My Ads last year when I was heavy into affiliate marketing and had some amazing results. There are A LOT of things I like about My Ads; I honestly am a bigger fan of the My Ads advertising platform than Facebook’s. My Ads offers more targeting options and advanced features like pixel placement, conversion tracking, and remarketing.  Another reason I’ve always been a huge My Ads fan is that all of their ads are banner based. Banners have always had much higher CTR’s and conversion rates for me than plain text ads in almost every niche/scenario.

Anyway, back to this big opportunity over at My Ads…

Since they are slowing way down in traffic/signups and losing users every day they’ve lowered the costs behind their advertising to encourage more use. You can get suggested bids as low as 1 cent per click on your ads now which is very rare for the rising cost of paid advertising. The more targeting options you try the more likely you are to find a combination that will offer dirt cheap clicks.

I found that by targeting Males 23-45 that are interested in “PC Computer Games” my suggested cost per click is $0.04 – $0.09.

 How To Get Dirt Cheap Clicks On The Second Biggest Social Network In The World

Just to contrast how big of a deal this is – last year the cheapest clicks I had EVER gotten were around 40 cents per click on My Ads. This is one of those amazing opportunities people moan and complain about missing out on all the time like direct linking on AdWords. You might be thinking that the traffic must suck now because people are leaving but that’s not the case at all. There are still over 71 MILLION active users on MySpace for you to market and sell to. I played with different targeting options for awhile and found quite a few different demographics that offer very inexpensive clicks.

Please take advantage of this opportunity – things like this are rare these days in the internet marketing space. I’d love to hear what kind of suggested bids you’re getting and results from your campaigns!

Twitter’s New Advertising Platform: Promoted Tweets

Twitter Logo

If you follow Twitter or online advertising at all you probably know by now that Twitter has officially revealed it’s source of monetization: “promoted tweets.” People have been debating for the last few years how Twitter is ever going to make money, promoted tweets was one of the common ideas.

If you’re unfamiliar with the all new promoted tweets here’s a quick recap:

  • Promoted tweets are essentially ads placed at the top of search results for given keywords or keyphrases
  • There is only a small handful of advertisers being let in at the moment
  • Promoted tweets must receive a certain ratio of clicks/replies and positive feedback to stay up making quality important
  • Promoted tweets are based on a cost-per-thousand pricing model

I’ve had a few days to digest all of the information Twitter has released about it and have started to compile some thoughts on it.

I’m a little upset the platform isn’t self-serve and open everyone, I was really looking forward to mastering Twitter’s advertising platform as soon as it came out. On the other hand, I can fully understand why Twitter is making smaller steps and approaching it this way for a few reasons:

  • Most ad platforms begin this way to both work out bugs and test the waters so the experience isn’t ruined.
  • This is all new to Twitter, they need to keep a close eye on it for awhile. Striking a balance that doesn’t alienate the spoiled ad-free user base is going to be tricky.
  • Big budget advertisers are going to be willing to drop A LOT more cash on this. Most of them have no idea what they’re doing and know they need to “get on this Twitter thing” which will result in them paying ridicously high cpm rates. (can’t say I blame them for taking advantage)

A lot of Twitter users are outraged because they don’t understand how much it takes to run a website like Twitter. They’re used to Twitter being ad free and want it to stay that way – how dare you Twitter? That brings up what I feel will be the main challenge for Twitter; keeping the promoted tweets aligned with the users best interest. If the promoted tweets further the Twitter experience instead of harm it then Twitter will have NO problem killing it with this. TechCrunch posted a sample promoted tweet that made me see how powerful this can really be. Here’s the promoted tweet:

starbucks promoted tweet Twitters New Advertising Platform: Promoted Tweets

I think Twitter can really make this work. This promoted tweet gave me an idea of the possibilities here for these type of ads to give the user MORE value as opposed to taking it away by an onslaught of useless promoted tweets. As you can see, Starbucks is offering a free cup of brewed coffee if you bring in a reuseable tumbler. If I was searching for Starbucks on Twitter and saw this I’d be pretty damn happy as opposed to seeing a random advertisement that isn’t applicable to anything within my interests.

All in all, I must say that I’m glad Twitter decided to do something. They have missed out on literally millions of dollars in revenue taking so long. I hope that this ad platform will eventually become self-serve and open to everyone because I’d really like to try running some promoted tweets and getting a feel of what the Twitter crowd can do for marketers.